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Cum angelis et pueris, fideles inveniamur

12 April
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When Edward Elric was killed by Envy a being known as Sariel saved him before Alphonse had a chance to, but at the cost of Sariel giving a good portion of his own life-energy to the Gate in exchange. As a direct result, Sariel actually had to merge with Edward to keep som kind of form, lest he vanish into the aether. After an involved series of events including the search for a legendary holy artifact, Sariel was slain by a grigori and passed the entirety of his power and title to Edward.

Now Edward is attempting to cope with the fact he has become an Earthborn; a mortal with the powers and duties of an angel. Not surprisingly, he is not entirely pleased at this turn of events.

This is a RP journal for thenexus_rpg. Sariel is my creation, based in part off of characters owned by Hiromu Arakawa.